You will never get over it, but, you will get through..... Grief is our internal healing life force with an unpredictable myriad of feelings and emotions .....Your situation is unique, no two experiences are the same.....Grief is not a sickness, but, it can contribute to making you sick.....

They say... if you lose a Parent, You lose your Past
If you lose a Spouse or Sibling, You lose your Present
But, if you lose a Child, You lose your Future

Meeting Location:
Unity Community Church
215 Unity Center Rd (Unity Trestle Rd),
Plum Boro, PA 152395
Please Use the Cafe Entrance - Call 412-407-2551 for Passcode Information
We will meet the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.
Dates are as follows:
Jan 16th, Feb 6th & 21st, March 5th & 19th, April 2nd & 16th, May 7th & 21st and June 4th & 18th
For more information: Marilyn Babuscio 412-407-2551
Please bring a photo of your loved one to the meeting

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